We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the following:

The Gaming Commission of British Columbia
The City of North Vancouver ,
The District of North Vancouver ,
The North Vancouver Arts Office,
The District of West Vancouver Through the Assistance Grant Program ,
and regular subscribing members of the D.C.C.S.S.

Thanks go out to Sikora's Classical Records for help with CDs for our draw
Thanks also to Delany's in Dundarave for providing coffee for our West Vancouver concerts
Many thanks to Vancouver Desktop Publishing Centre for typsetting our programs
Lastly Thanks to Staples for printing our programs

We would like to thank the following, who have made generous donations to the Deep Cove Chamber Soloists' Society

Doris Alko
Ron P. Anderson
British Pacific Properties
Raymond J. Casson
Gabriella Catchpole
Ms Pei Hui Chu
Roger & Carolyn Cole
Ernest S. Collins
Barbara & Alleyne Cook
Gordon A. Cooper
Rita Costanzi
George Croft
Galen Felde
Dr C.R. Finlay
Pauline & David Fitzgerald
Brian Funt
Pamela Goldsmith-Jones
John K. Gosden
Dr Michael C Guard
Elizabeth Guilbride
Haidee Hannan

Helen Hawthorne
Michael Hetherington
Kenneth & Jenifer Hext
Edna & David Hunter
Bruce Irschick
Mrs Ewa Izdebski
Lawrence Johnston
Stanya Jurenka
L. Kadonaga
Mel Kaushansky
Norbert & Jackie Kaysser
Nelson Lacharity
Dr. Ingrid E. Laue
Norma Lawrence
Shirley Lecker
Victor & Mary Miles
Angela Miller
Jill Montgomery
Naoko Moorhouse
Patsy & Bob Morgan
Andrew D. Mowatt

Patsy & Bob Morgan
Frank & Nina Moser
Thomas Nonay
Jonathan Odlum
George Paclawsky
David & Noel Pearce
Hans-Karl Piltz
Graham Potter
Andrew Pottinger
Dr Simon Rabkin
James & Barbara Rennie
Eleanor Von Richthofen
Alan Roberts
Joanne & Joe Ronsley
Ruth Elizabeth Russell
Anita Sleeman
Ilse & Victor Speilmann
Staburn Property Group
Nadine Stefan
Mary & Stewart Symons
Alex & Jennifer Tunner












This is by no means a complete list, (our membership currently numbers over 450) and we would also like to thank the very many generous patrons who have contributed anonymously to our society.

The Deep Cove Chamber Soloists' Society is a Registered Charity - Tax receipts may be issued to all donors.
Canada Revenue Agency Business Registration Number 13234 9150 RR0001

We invite all suggestions for fundraising you may have. And, if you know somebody—individual or corporation—with the interest and means of making a major, tax-deductible, contribution to the arts, please encourage them to support Pro Nova.
Pro Nova has brought professional chamber music to the North Shore for 29 years now at a level surprising to anyone attending a concert for the first time. With admission by voluntary donation, these concerts are available to everyone. The musicians themselves receive the minimum fee required by the musicians union, and receive nothing at all for scheduling concerts, preparation, and rehearsals. The entire support organization is made up of volunteers who contribute their time, technical expertise and supplies. But there are other costs—rent, publicity, and so on, that are necessary to a successful programme. Our commitment still remains as strong as always, and with your help Pro Nova will continue to bring to you the same quality programs that you have heard all these years.
To keep Pro Nova alive and flourishing for all of us, if you have any ideas or proposals to make, please contact one of the following:
Joanne Ronsley, Chair 604-921-9444 
Colin Wood, Treasurer 604-980-0295
Aurora Felde, First Violinist 604-926-5106